Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Little Things

My kids make me laugh. I love that about them. I am a melancholic but laughter soothes the somber soul.

Aidan (singing)

I’m a cybernetic hee–ro,
Known throughout all space


You know, when they say that the people pounded after the villain? Well, they are probably ruining their stride for good. You’re not supposed to pound your feet when you run.

Paddy and Clare (as reported by Clare)

Paddy, sighing: I wish I had a happy life.
Clare: Don’t you have a happy life? Why not?
Paddy: Because I don’t always get what I want when I want it.

A lot happened today though it was a quiet at-home day –I cleaned half the kitchen, worked out on the lot for sale with Kevin and Aidan, went for a walk to the Post Office, talked to Clare and Brendan about the movie Lord of the Rings. They made me laugh too. Oh, and exponents with Sean, and some fractions with Kieron. They worked out on the lot for a long time too.

Brendan has been so helpful recently. They seem to grow up and become, well, grown-ups, all of a sudden. And Clare has been baking breakfast every day. Today scones, tomorrow queen cakes (she bakes them and sets them on the top of the fridge so the little ones won’t eat them before the next morning).

gratuitous informal pic of Aidan and Liam.