Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday Tackle -- My Room

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I made up my mind to tackle my room. It usually isn't TOO bad, but it needed some deep cleaning. I spent a long time vacuuming the windows and under surfaces and mopping, so pictures wouldn't really show the difference too much. Take my word for it, though; I was working hard!

I cleared and wiped the surfaces, and got the toys out of the room, and you can at least see a bit of that.

Now, just to keep it that way. Note to myself: don't let the little ones bring food in here anymore. And make a habit of dropping the toys that creep into here, out into some sort of temporary holding spot outside the room, like this ----------->
where they can be phased back into the toy area of the house.

This is the area behind our bed (in the picture above, you can see the padded headboard my husband rigged up a few years ago; it gives us about forty square feet of horizontal storage space behind the bed, and keeps us from having to lean our heads against that sloping wall! Anyway, this is a before... yuck...

and this is the AFTER. Still pretty packed in there but a little less chaotic.

Here is a list of the other "tackles", for future Tuesdays -- but for today, sigh! I've done plenty!

  • Toys -- organize and discard
  • Downstairs bathroom -- deep clean and organize
  • Garage -- organize
  • Curriculum Closet -- rearrange
  • Game Closet -- inventory
  • Art Closet-- inventory
  • Camping Equipment -- assess and complete
  • Travelling luggage -- assess and complete
  • College search --
  • Daily schedule -- update
  • Chores chart -- update
  • Under bed storage -- inventory.

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