Saturday, May 05, 2007

Priorities and Principles

This will be another rambling post about organization. I started this blog originally to keep track of the moments and the patterns of life. It is so easy for me to just wander through my life, wrapped up in my thought processes, hardly noticing anything else. My French teacher used to say I was “dans la lune” (means “in the moon”, roughly translatable as spacy : )).

Every once in a while I notice that my strategies for coping with daily life need some upgrading. Children grow and change, sometimes new ones are born (not recently though), some of them grow up and leave the house, and our patterns of life shift according to the seasons, our friendships, our activities and interests, and so many other things.

So I’ve always set aside weekends to reflect on how things are going, though sometimes if everything is humming along I don’t really spend much time on it at all, and sometimes I put the strategizing on the front burner and let it take over my life focus on it for a while on a daily basis.

Looking back at my blog, I see I do this regularly. Here’s an earlier post about Getting Back in the Game which could have just as easily been titled “Coming Back to Earth” . What I was looking for was an earlier post where I talked about setting priorities, but I can’t find it right now. Anyway, every time I list my priorities they seem to take a slightly different form. Here’s the most recent one.

  • Kyrios — contemplating the face of God.
  • Holos — personal health — mind and body — as in “holistic”
  • Oikos — literally means family, household, but extends outwards from there to the whole sphere of influence — our word “ecology” is derived from it..
  • Chronos — the chronological, sequential flow of time — the way it goes by no matter what.
  • Kairos — means something like opportunity — the qualitative view of time — making the fullest use of the moment.
  • Hagiasmos — there seem to be a lot of Greek words for “work” but this one, meaning “sanctifying work” seems to comes closest to what I want to connote. What’s the point of work if it’s JUST work? I’d rather read or go for a walk : ).

Where is that geek emoticon? The Greek is superfluous, strictly speaking, of course. And let me add I know only the barest bit of koine Greek because of working through it with a couple of my sons. It’s just that I get bored with systems and look for ways to make them more memorable in my mind.
Every time I try to come up with a list of priorities, I end up getting a headache. However, I seem to almost HAVE to do it sometimes in order to not just move through life stepping over messes and avoiding obstacles. This was supposed to be a sort of nuts and bolt post but instead it’s turned into a complete abstract ramble. Well, maybe that will clear the way for the one where I actually list the concrete “to -dos” that are related to the vague principles.

ETA this really IS a lame post, but I can’t let it go. Two more Greek words “eidos” and “logos“ And check out this Wikipedia article on Predicables. Oh, I wish I had more time for this!