Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Sundries

It’s beautiful outside — Kevin is working on the deck. Now he’s inside — playing Gandalf by throwing sawdust on the fireplace : ). Now he’s talking to the kids about his fantasy baseball team.

The boys are rough-housing on the bed — this has become a habit recently. Should I stop it? Yes – or No? Maybe I ought to send them outside for the sake of the poor bed. (whew — they left)

Liam’s finals are next week, and then he is coming home. Halfway through the undergrad degree!

Like Faith, I’m in a dinner rut.

Here is a curriculum outline form I was working on today (pdf)

I liked this Flylady kit (pdf) made by someone on DIY Planner.

Also, there is an interesting series of articles by Mortimer Adler on “Leisure”.

The English word “leisure” derives from the Latin licere, which means an activity that is permissible. This meaning runs counter to the understanding that leisure work is not only permissible but also morally obligatory for anyone trying to live a morally good life.

The English word “leisure” also translates the Greek word schole as “school” and stands for an activity that involves learning or self-improvement.

There has been a long thread talking about “school as leisure” (among other things) at the Real Learning message board. Seems that many homeschoolers are a bit burned out by this time of year, ready to just get outside and plant the garden, but also planning a bit for next year.