Saturday, June 02, 2007

June is for Living Geography

I just realized it is now June, which means time to decide on my next Learning Goal. Since we are going to be doing some travelling in June, both local and far-flung, it makes sense to devote this month to Living Geography. (See the Ireland resource list)

Looking ahead a bit, July can be devoted to Recitation(Memory). Several years ago I spenta summer having the older kids work on memorizing prayers and Scriptures. It was one of those things that worked really well. We designed incentives to motivate them. A couple of them went on towards a longterm, self-motivated pattern of memorizing. I would like to try it again now that the younger kids are getting older.

And August will be a good time to focus on Habits -- Moral and Intellectual. HABITS is a huge area. In August, I will devote the time to ponder the philosophical side of habit-forming, and consider some of the habits listed by Charlotte Mason and some Catholic thinkers. Then, SINCE "Habits" is such a big area, I'll probably try to focus on one specific habit per month during the rest of the year. Now that I've already been doing these Learning Goals for six months, I doubt that adding a new element will derail me.

I updated the learning goals list to include links to the monthly focuses (foci?) so far. Hope that is helpful to anyone who has been following along.

Also, because the 2007 Learning Goals have been working so well for me -- "pegging" my ideas into a temporal sequence -- temporal sequence is a weak area for me! I started a similar Heart of Home Goal list on my other blog. Since the focus there is on considering different areas of my house, it is more practical and so it hopefully shouldn't distract from the learning goal list. Hopefully. Stay tuned.

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