Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sloowly I Turned, Step by Step

Sunday Six

Who would have thought that this was an old vaudeville routine? My teenage son thinks it's hilarious to say this at the most unexpected times. Yesterday after mass, for instance, when during mass we had chanced to encounter a religious educator who had put significant obstacles in the path to confirmation for my daughter. My daughter had requested a bunch of I Love Lucy shows from the library and the "slowly I turned" routine was on one of them, and that's where Sean got it -- but I guess it didn't originate with her show. She was paying tribute to an honorable tradition. You learn something every day.

Links for Sunday:

Is there a theme here? You will think I am trying to write a book, but no, not exactly. We have revived our Story Society now that Liam is home for the summer, and UH. I can't seem to make my mind think that writing fiction is a valuable way to spend time. I can blog, yep. But my story is making my mind freeze, so that's what this Sunday Six is about.

Only five so far, even if I count the wikipedia entry about the vaudeville.

So here is National NOvel Writing Month. Mark your calendars for November now. My daughter has met this goal twice, I think. I tried it last year, but only made it to 10K words -- the goal is 50K. It did help, though. I kept telling myself, Just Make Time to Write and It Doesn't Matter if It's Bad.

Steph says it this way:

I am trying to follow the edict offered by virtually all successful writers: No matter how inadequate it is, or even downright bad, you MUST write. Luckily, there is such a thing as second, third, and fourth drafts. :-) You can't revise something until you've written it. And if there is even a scrap of something really good in that first draft, you've created something. You've made a beginning.

One of the fifteen commandments she lists is:

XV. Thou shalt not believe in writer’s block

Did you say writer's block? Slowwwly I turned, step by step....inch by inch....

(Why is all this on my House Blessings blog? Because Sunday is the day for contemplating family, faith and leisure. It is a day of rest and restoration and recreation, all those things. I've been trying to decide what to put on this blog on Sundays, should I be inspired to write here on Sundays. It doesn't seem quite right to keep on with all the daily detail stuff. So when I do write here on Sundays I'm going to try to look for things that "make my heart sing" as my old friend Cindy puts it. Things that are good in themselves, not "useful" for something else. Flylady calls it "renewing your spirit". )

My fiction-writing endeavours don't seem exactly heart-singing right now, but they have that possibility, if I can just get past that Word that Must Not Be Mentioned.

That's seven links now, maybe eight. OK, good! Off to write, maybe?

Create in me a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a right spirit within me!

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