Thursday, July 12, 2007

Almost Speechless Wednesday

These pictures show what happens when Mama is gone for a few days with one of the "big kids", the new washer and dryer come, and Dad is busy with business start-off -- and another of the "big kids" is down with chickenpox (Coming Down for the Landing)

(Maybe I'll post the corresponding AFTER pictures someday -- which will probably be August considering that the chickenpox siege isn't over yet -- just so you can see that we really don't live like this ALL the time)

New washer and dryer -- Hooraay!:

Living Room:
Dining Area
Loft upstairs
Another view of the upstairs
Kevin getting computer set up to give to his company's artist:

The nice thing about this is that there is no way to go but up. The other nice thing is that it's all on the surface. And that really is something.

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