Monday, July 02, 2007

This Time Last Year

I went back to this day a year ago to see what was on my mind back then and um, try to figure out what to write about now. I’m having such a hard time getting back to regular blogging after the break!

It looks like back then we had just gotten our new dishwasher installed after three years without one, and the dryer had just broken. It is still broken and just yesterday Kevin ordered a new one which will arrive in mid-July. Life does progress around here, it seems!

What was on my mind was my new teenager, apparently. He was the fourth in the family (not counting his parents) to have entered the teenage years and, as I wrote then,

Every teen seems to have their own spin on teenagerdom

This year, he seems more peaceful and inner-directed. He just got back from Quarterback Camp where he apparently enjoyed himself despite a bad cold. He is really intent on playing quarterback this summer, his last in Pop Warner. I hope things go the way he wants them to. He has worked hard to move them in the right direction.

I was reading about Women and Fatigue last year and taking notes. This year I seem to have a bit more energy. I don’t think I considered it at the time, but last year we had just finished a grueling ordeal with Aidan. The doctor had pulled out his G-Tube in May and it was almost the end of June before he had the surgery to sew up the opening, which meant a month with our life basically on hold and with Aidan uncomfortable and doing poorly. I think July 2006 was about recovering from this.

I have been trying to take my midlife self seriously and eat better/exercise regularly and perhaps that has made a difference. I still seem to have my addiction to reading self-help and pop psychology books…. sad but true. I guess it could be worse.

If anyone who reads this and wants to go back and look at their blogs a year ago, please leave a link! I think it’s interesting how blogging helps things stay in perspective. One of those dreaded pop psychology books I was just reading said that the author’s patients in therapy all feel they are not progressing at all and when she reads them her notes about them from the year before, they are startled by what HAS changed in their lives. I think it is something about the way the river keeps running through it — you think it’s the same water, but it’s not, even though it is the same river.