Thursday, August 30, 2007

Before Dawn....

.... we we awakened by the hugest clap of thunder I ever heard, then a rainstorm, and then a confused bat flying around the house. The next few minutes were spent scurrying around turning off the computers and opening window screens and doors to try to encourage the bat to roost outside, not on our rafters. All the younger kids are up and wondering why they are up when it's still dark. I wonder what the day will be like once it actually is day?

Only a couple of days ago, a wild-fire blocked the highway up to our house, so we had to return by the old switchback up the other side of the mountain. The fire was still smoldering last night, according to my husband who brought the teenager down to football practice.

We have been feeling like we are in.....dee DEE dee dee... the Twilight Zone (Kevin and the older kids have been watching some of the old b&w episodes in the evening).

Well, at least the rainstorm may have helped put out the last embers of the fire.


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Nothing like a little excitement, eh?

Glad you're all well!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Have you seen the recommendations for certain situations when you've encountered a bat even if you're not aware of being bitten? "However, because bats have small teeth which may leave marks that are not easily seen, there are situations in which you should seek medical advice even in the absence of an obvious bite wound. For example, if you awaken and find a bat in your room, see a bat in the room of an unattended child, or see a bat near a mentally impaired or intoxicated person, seek medical advice and have the bat tested." --