Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wednesday -- Works for Me

Cindy at Lean but not Mean has the idea of mini-goals. I like that so I have been trying to think of ways to modify it for me.

I think I will celebrate every time I get to 100 miles towards my Rivendell goal. At the rate I am going the first one will be in about three weeks.

Also perhaps for 100 days of eating (mostly) properly. I started trying to lose weight on May 12 (I remember the day -- it was the day before we went to pick up my oldest son at college -- and that second day was a miserable flop -- sitting in the car surrounded by snack food for the little ones is a food disaster!)

So that means I already passed 100 days since then. Hooray! The next 100 days will fall on December 1st, I think -- we'll see how I'm doing then with holidays approaching -- traditionally a difficult time for me. Maybe if I plan ahead of time to deal with it---!

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