Thursday, August 23, 2007

Smart Habit 6

Smart Habit Saturday -- from the Lazy Organizer.
I think that for this week, the best habit I could work on is to strive to be ready for homeschool by 8:30 every morning. Obviously this won't happen exactly right ever morning, but the trick is to avoid known time-busters like the internet, the internet, and the internet.

Now for the accountability (sigh):

Week #1: Making bed and swiping the toilet
--not so good, after chickenpox saga. Bed about 50% and toilet, about 5%.
Week #2: 15 Minute Examen
--nope -- I usually fall asleep.
Week #3 Internet Regula
-- not too bad, actually, except for lingering too long in the am as noted above.
Week #4: Drinking Water and Keeping Floor Picked Up
fair to middling
Week #5: Keeping Track of Pedometer Steps
--going great, no problem.

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