Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ravenclaw Rules


I’m a Ravenclaw, according to this quiz.

I probably didn’t even need to take the test — considering that our family just spent an hour the Sunday morning I took the quiz, making breakfast and talking about Young Earth Creationism, bringing in Augustine, Aquinas, Einstein and Dawkins among others.

Hooray for Sunday philosophizing! and omelettes!

This Sunday will not be so nice, since we are bringing Liam back to college. Tugging at heartstrings… and to think, I have to learn to deal with this for at least five more kids, maybe six. I tell you, it is not easy.

Clare was a Ravenclaw too; Kieron and Kevin were Hufflepuffs, and Sean and Brendan were divided between Slytherin and Griffyndor, with a slight edge to Slytherin. Paddy was a Ravenclaw, and we’ve decided Aidan should get to found a new house of his own. This is only one reason why.