Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh! I'm Back

I should probably have mentioned it before, but life quickly got quite busy …. I put some photos of our trip here.

Now that homeschooling season is here, most of my online time seems to be going to my learning-notes journal, Schola et Studium.

What I’ve been doing, besides normal daily-life-and-homeschooling:

Re-reading Latin Centered Curriculum, (more info here).

Also, another book my father had on his shelves which he passed on to me: The Western Canon by Harold Bloom. (Here’s the short list)

On Ragamuffin Rosie’s sidebar, I found a neat LCC blog called A Bit of Bubbly. I just love beautiful reading lists and forms, and her blog has a bunch of them.

Here’s a picture taken from my parents’ back porch — I think Bierstadt would have loved that view….oh, I miss my home state, though the California Sierras are definitely a consolation.


(sorry about the thumbnail, but I can’t figure out how to resize the photos on wordpress, so they seem to turn out too large when I try to post them full size. You can click on the photo to enlarge it though).