Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sean was down south this weekend at Camp Quarterback. It’s really something to see the film of him only 9 months ago, last time he was there, compared to this time. His weightlifting and football drills have paid off quite a bit.

In similar fashion, he is getting through the Algebra review with a fair amount of ease, compared to the struggles he went through as we proceeded through the course for the first time (he did well, but it was hard work for him).

This week Liam goes up north, for his computer gaming internship.

It rained all this weekend, and Aidan was restless. He wanted to go outside, but his Mom’s temperature range is too narrow. I’m happiest between 55 and 70 degrees, preferably with cloudy skies. All my ancestors came from somewhere around the 50 degree N latitude mark, and most were close to the ocean (Scotland and Netherlands), so that probably plays into it.

Speaking of geography, Aidan asked for a “flag matching game” to play online. Wouldn’t you know, they have several. The Canadian leaf is still his favorite, and the Indian “wheel” comes near to tying as favorite. He also likes the St Vincent “diamonds” and the Japanese “circle”. Anyway, he had a lot of fun playing online “concentration” with flags.