Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Great Squirrel Invasion

That above is my 12 year old's proposal for a title. Certainly appropriate.

I wrote this on my journal blog, but pictures are easier to upload here. A nest of baby flying squirrels must have gotten to the age to explore their environment. Please ignore all the dirt up there, those rafters are about 20 feet off the floor and I can't find a duster to reach.

Two in the rafters:

One on the fireplace

One curled up in our pantry.
There is one more running up and down a rafter that I haven't been able to photograph.

They're babies and don't seem to understand caution yet. They seem to think they're our pets or vice versa. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Do you think they're able to be tamed? Why isn't their mama reigning them in? I guess they're probably a pain to clean up after, but still, so much cooler than rats.

Willa said...

I wondered where their mother was, too. They all seem to have gone back under cover today, even the one who stayed perched all during the light hours on the top of our fireplace.

Yes, more charming and more mysterious than rats and not so much in direct competition (they don't raid my pantry and they sleep during the day), though my daughter calls them "rats with pretty tails".

Chari said...

Yikes! What an interesting memory you will all have someday to share...........and, I like Clare's description. :)

I WANT to talk to you..........maybe tomorrow night during Garrett's game after 7 pm??

God bless!