Sunday, May 18, 2008

You know it's spring when.....

A youthful flying squirrel lands on your son’s head when he is sleeping at night.

The next day you see no less than four separate flying-squirrels in various places around the house — one on the chimney, two up in the rafters, one that’s taken refuge in the pantry.

We have a log home, and I think the squirrels think it’s a huge tree. We can tell they are babies not only by the way they congregate but also by their curiosity. Their big black eyes are filled with wariness but they keep poking their heads out to take another look. I can’t get a good picture because the roof is too high to be illumined by the flash.

We’ve had bats and birds in here too but not so far this year.

Kevin has ordered a live-squirrel-trap so that we can hopefully discourage the little creatures from making their permanent home in our rafters.

I uploaded pictures here.