Friday, July 11, 2008

Journalling the Summer Day

I thought I would try to get back into the habit of journalling the day here. I’ve gotten away from it because of being in “big picture” mode recently, but now I want to pay attention more consciously to what’s going on around here.

For one thing, it’s been HOT, as I mentioned. Kevin has put sheets across our upstairs picture windows, to cut down on the afternoon sunlight. This actually gives the loft a slightly subdued, peaceful look that makes a difference in my mood. Odd how we are probably always coping with subliminal minor stresses and hardly noticing, until they are gone.

Yesterday afternoon Aidan started acting a bit strange. He lay down on the couch for a few minutes and then got up and asked if he could watch a movie because “I am sick.” His eyes had the tightly focused look that makes me think he is fighting off a seizure. He ate a good dinner but then in the evening started looking disoriented again. He never showed any of his classic seizure symptoms except the slight fixity of his stare, and once he gagged. Eventually he went to sleep, slept well, and woke up EARLY in a great mood. With anyone else, I would suppose they had simply been tired and perhaps that’s all it was. Anyway, he has an appointment with the neurologist next week so I will mention it then and also ask for a new Rx for his precautionary dose of diastat, since the old cartridges are past their expiration date.

Paddy, on the other hand, goes to sleep late and wakes up late. Last night he was spooked about monsters and cuddled up next to me for a long time asking whether his guardian angel would protect him from monsters, why it was that big people shouldn’t fight, who was the leader of the angels, why we can’t see them, and so on.

Today the boys got a bionicle order in — they had pooled the order to avoid high shipping costs. So the bionicles took up most of the morning.

Kevin took Sean off to practice. Yesterday was cut short because one of the coaches was sick and because of the foul air quality in the valley from the wildfires. It is possible that he will come home early again today which would be fine, because it is going to be well above 100 degrees down there.