Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Summer Journalling

They are cutting down trees across the street. Nothing like a 50 foot sugar pine crashing to the ground to shake the house. Aidan has been delighted.

We drove down to our weekly homeschool meeting, but it had been cancelled — probably a good thing, because the air was bitter and dull with smoke from the wildfires in our region combined with the typical San Joaquin Valley inversion. Up at our altitude, the air is clear, and it’s cooler today. I have walked through today feeling subliminally relieved because of the absence of heat, like when the headache you hadn’t really noticed disappears.

The house is a mess, though. I watched part of the new Sense and Sensibility miniseries with Clare — it came from the county library system. We think Edward and Willoughby were miscast. It does have a bit of a mini-series feeling but like all the Jane Austen adaptations is visually beautiful with interesting, non-standard faces in the different roles (even when we don’t agree on the casting).

I spent the rest of the day organizing the binder I am making to help me through the rest of the summer.

Tomorrow Liam arrives by Amtrak.

I have been staying up late because it’s the only bearable time of the day, and I am feeling the effects — a bit of that dull smokiness in my brain. Have to get back to more of a routine soon!

I love the way Aidan uses words. He just brought Sean the DVD of Citizen Kane and said, “Let’s watch the movie of the wickedest man!”