Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a dad on unschooling

I loved this An Unauthorised Guide for Unschooling Mums dealing with (still developing) Unschooling Dads

So funny and seems quite perceptive!

My own husband has always been pretty fine about alternative methods — in fact, in this house I’m more the “inside the box” type than he is, and when I’m the divergent one he’s usually OK with it — but I thought the article rang true in general, in explaining why one’s well-meaning neighbor or relative or associate might criticize one’s parenting and education choices with the best of intentions. My neighbors and relatives don’t generally do that, but one does run across it once in a while, and in my experience it has usually been in a caring context — more bewilderment than contempt.

HT: Leonie who linked to it on the Unschooling Catholics list.