Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sierra Highlights #5

My occasional Daybook.

Adventures in Recent Past and Future:

Sean’s football, which is like a marvellous saga in itself.

An upcoming trip north for a family reunion. Only some of us can go; Sean and Kevin have to stay here, so Sean can go to school and practice, and Brendan may hang out here too in order to keep Kevin company.

We got 5 cords of firewood dumped last week, and my washing machine got repaired.

Where Everyone Is:

Well, I shouldn’t do these on weekends because the answer is obvious. Clare’s watching a movie in my room; the teenagers are watching football; Kevin is catching up on things in his office; the younger boys are playing board games. Oh, I think Kieron is reading now.

Liam is probably having brunch after Mass at college, and then going to the nursing home with his Legion of Mary group.

Recent Music:

Van Morrison, something classical I didn’t recognize (Clare), and Clancy Brothers.

Recent Books Seen Around the House:

Through the Looking Glass/Alice in Wonderland combined set (Kieron); Old Thunder (bio of Belloc by J Pearce) (Clare); Punished by Rewards, Reading Rescue 1-2-3 (me), Namath, Bleak House, (Brendan); Last Man Down, Old Man of the Sea (Sean)


Heated up again, but then cooled way down again.


Many, but confused.

What I’m Working On:

Plato’s Meno (for the study group), also reading aloud to Brendan.

Wrapping up the first term of the year.

What I am Happy About:

That the firewood came and I have my washing machine back.

That it is nine years this October 1st since Aidan’s transplant and the child we almost lost is with us every day, even though he often tries to take over my lap top. Worth it.

What I’m Not So Happy About:

Too much screen time. Isn’t that a familiar complaint?

Also, Paddy has had an attitude recently. Be your age, Paddy — oh, that’s right, you ARE five years old.

Spiritual Focus:

Persistence with the Rosary — I’ve been exercycling while praying and at least, I stay awake.

Recent Kitchen Events:

Northern beans with jalapenos and onions and garlic, for Aidan.

Chocolate applesauce bread with chocolate glaze.

Lemon bread with sugar crust….. I was so thrifty and used the extra sour cream in the recipe, and no one noticed (a good thing).

Formal Academics:

Up to Day 22 and turning the corner on Week 6. I changed my mind. Kieron is not sluggish. He just would prefer to do things his own way. Now that we are having a Morning Time of reading, he is much happier about including some seatwork.

Informal Learning:

Aidan and Paddy both reading more words in their environment.




We watched The Outsiders. It is by Francis Ford Coppola. It was a bit over the top.

Wives and Daughters with Clare, and a couple of episodes of Bleak House.


Light blue Alaska hoodie, jeans, clogs. I lost a bit more weight and am back to my smaller size jeans.


Still stuck on forms. I am learning a lot about my cool Microsoft Word 2007.

Grateful for:

My family’s geekiness. Sure, I get uncomfortable sometimes wondering how everyone will fare in life, but they are so cute and endearing and different.

Some things I want to do this week:

Prepare for upcoming journey.

A Picture Thought:

well, video anyway; plays from the game this Friday. Sean is the kick returner in the first play and also plays QB; he returned it 96 yards for a TD. He is in white, #14.