Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grass Stains

Do you care about grass stains? I do, right now; I never particularly did before. But if you do, this site has lots of tips for getting them out.

The reason that I care is that Sean’s “away” jersey is mostly white, and he sure can pick up a grass stain. Since the jersey belongs to the school, it’s a high priority to return it in nice condition. I suppose that is what’s called an extrinsic motivation. When it’s our own clothes, I can be OK with a few green shadows here and there, especially in play clothes. And I usually — well, NEVER — buy white nylon play clothes that are supposed to be washed only in cold water without bleach.

So it’s hand-scrubbing in the sink, though I may try vinegar in a safe spot, next time.

Sean’s team won… a hard fought battle against one of the best teams in the division. You know, I didn’t realize it at the time, but last week’s game was the first time I’ve EVER been to a high school football game. Ever, as in my whole life. I wonder if that’s unusual, at least for an American? I did not realize that there was a whole school sub-culture devoted to football enthusiasm.

Last week, I felt like a huge UFO had slowly descended to rest on the familiar high school football field that the children have played and ran on so many times. Brilliant lights flickered on at dusk, people ran around with maroon and gold body paint, and there was much shouting in a language I did not entirely understand, and much signaling, running and jumping by small men in black and white stripes, and young ladies wearing Star-Trek like mini-skirts. A different world.