Friday, October 03, 2008

Back Home Again

Yes, that is the title of a John Denver song, and yes, we did listen to it on the Ipod during the journey. My children seem to be into surveying pop music from the 40’s to, well, the 80’s when Kevin and I basically stopped listening to new artists. John Denver was too much for me even back in the 70’s when I was 12, but my kids seem to think its fun in a campy sort of way, and at least, now they know from where Haugen and Haas seem to derive their inspiration. Denver can hit the high notes much better than most of the country folk hereabouts who are forced to sing H&H’s hymns at mass, though.

While we were gone Aidan had his 9th transplant anniversary. Our Heart’s Haven friends celebrated it with a beautiful chocolate cake which we shared in on our trip back from the Oregon coast.

Here’s a picture of the anniversary boy having fun on the beach. I think I took this on the feast of the Guardian Angels. Aidan’s guardian angel has definitely put in many hours keeping a watch on my boy, but during this beach moment I think perhaps it got an opportunity to sit back and take a bit of a rest.


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