Saturday, October 25, 2008

Language of Little Ones

I love the language of little ones, so much that it's difficult for me to correct them.

Aidan: Mama, grant me some cheese!

He means GRATE, but I always hear his words and suddenly the world around me is tinged with King Arthur tapestry-like colors and and I feel like replying something like, "With a hearty good will, gentle Sir!"

On a scarier note, Paddy had me read some Calvin and Hobbes comics to him and is now mimicking Calvin. I heard him bumping his way downstairs the other day saying, "Here comes the human slinky!" Kieron and I both zipped over to make sure he wasn't suiting the action to the words, and I heard Kieron explaining a moment later, "Things that work in comics don't always work in real life..." I think, I hope, Paddy already knows that.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Calvin & Hobbes can be a dangerous influence! *LOL* Those quotes are priceless. I am so glad you're writing them down.


Laura A said...

Oh, that's very funny!

Us! said...

Our boys seem to lead parallel lives in the comic department- we are presently off Tintin and onto Calvin and Hobbes. My son who is 5 loves when Calvin goes 2D!


Anonymous said...

I love the King ARthur response, even if it is only in your head. And Keiron is very resonsible.

lissla lissar said...

Geoff has declared that grant will always mean grate in our household. :)Now if we could only spread around our tradition of waking up on Christmas morning, and saying, 'Christmas won't be Christmas without any serpents!"

Someone else I know online once scrambled up one word in the opening line of Little Women. I like it very much.