Friday, October 24, 2008

Sierra Highlights #6

My occasional Daybook. Continued from here.

Events in Recent Past and Future:

  • Last week was homecoming week for Sean's school, so he got to dress up every day.
  • Kevin is staining the exterior logs on the house.
  • Aidan got fitted with Thera-Togs.

Where Everyone Is:

Paddy is just waking up; Kieron is admiring his sand art velociraptor; Aidan is doing something on the other computer; everyone else is still asleep.

Recent Music:

Paul McCartney; Mozart's Requiem.

Recent Books Seen Around the House:

At the Back of the North Wind, The Dark is Rising (Kieron); Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict, Books on mountaineering by Arnold Lunn (Clare); The Sparrow, Socrates' Apology, We Die Standing Up (me), History of the American People (Brendan); The Gift of the Magi, one other short story (Sean)


Nice fall weather. Crisp and bright.


Redemptive suffering.

What I’m Working On:

Liam wanted me to try this Erudition Chamber. It is interactive fiction, which is somewhere between a text RPG and a story. Anyway I turned out 3 parts Seer and 1 part Alchemist. If you happen to try it let me know your results. It's sort of a personality test combined with an IF.

What I am Happy About:


What I’m Not So Happy About:

The way the house is looking.

Spiritual Focus:

Intercessory prayer.

Recent Kitchen Events:

Cooking with oatmeal. Oatmeal Scotchies are great in the fall.

Formal Academics:

Going pretty well, but running into my old problem of appropriate review, and keeping track.

Informal Learning:

Aidan counting, and writing words.

On the Screen:

BBC Jeeves and Wooster series.
NFL football.


Jeans, boots, thermal shirt, thermal vest.


Lesson plans for Year 7 history.

Grateful for:

The wood stove; the oven; hot tea; boots I found at the thrift store. Warm things!!

Some things I want to do this week:

Get the house cleaner.

A Picture Thought:

Sean did an assignment "Mi Familia" for his Spanish 1 class. Here are the pictures that went along with the composition.

For the relatives and friends -- Kevin put up the most recent JV football videos at You-Tube -- he has been putting them to a soundtrack recently : ):

  • Exeter Game (lost 7-13)
  • Washington Union game (lost 20-40) -- Sean had a good kick return, about 90 yards for a touchdown, at the very beginning of the game. The rest was disappointing for our team.

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