Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday we had loaded up the fire with branches and were just about to set it alight when we saw a small spider trying to escape the heat. Kevin and Brendan helped me to pull out the branches and salvage the arachnid, and Brendan carried it out to the garage on the end of a stick. I was just thinking about how nice it was to have my grown son and husband so solicitous of a harmless little creature and wondering if it had planted any seeds of reverence for life in my two youngest boys when Aidan came running by shouting, “We taught that black widow a lesson!” Hmm, I guess maybe we did, but the lesson was probably lost on the spider and seems to have been lost on Aidan too : ).

Sean is still sick… visited the doctor today since it is Day Four of the GI problems and she says sometimes these bugs can take a week or two to get over. His back was hurting which was what made me call the doctor, but he hasn’t had a fever and doesn’t seem SICK sick as he would if he had some sort of GI infection.

We are due to get two cords of oak dumped on our driveway today — Aidan is excited and I’m looking forward to it too — we’re out of wood so I’ve been sawing up branches that we dumped in the garage this fall. Sawing is surprisingly pleasant but the branches only burn for a few moments, and I am not used to central heat and don’t like it much.

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