Wednesday, February 25, 2009

okay, so today Paddy ran away from the second half of his cross of ashes at the Ash Wednesday service. Not sure if he thought she was done, or if he got a bit freaked out now that he’s six about the “remember that thou art dust…”

Busy day today —

Sean was sick and stayed home.

We had an appointment at the therapy unit in town for Aidan and it took almost two hours.

Then he had to get labs. Two sticks. The phlebotomist gave him two big bandages that made him look like he’d had day surgery. He was quite proud, and remembered her instructions not to take the bandages off until he had drank the soda he got at Target (we went there to get a few things for Clare’s birthday).

So we didn’t get home till almost four. Up here it has been misty and rainy and cold all day, with the huge snow piles turning icy now, but down there in town it was bright and gentle and the fruit trees were in blossom. The foothills were emerald green lightly frosted with white and orange wildflowers; a few months from now they will be their normal thirsty gold color but right now it looks like a scene from the Quiet Man or something.