Sunday, February 22, 2009

Siege with Squirrels

I spent the morning working on my study of Charlotte Mason and her ideas on habits. I’ve printed out a few things to ponder and am now on my way downstairs to make waffles for the kids (definitely talking brunch since it’s already 10:30).

The kids have been playing/quarreling around me. The quarrels have been the milder ones where mom doesn’t strictly need to intervene.

We woke up this morning to icy rain. It’s supposed to rain all morning. This is Sean’s last day to walk out of his room at 8 am and to play football on the king bed with a beanie bear and with Kieron and Aidan.

Clare said she thought Prince Caspian was pretty good, though rushed in places and silly in other places where they were trying to capitalize on the success of the last Narnia movie. Kevin said he liked it, especially the place where the resistance is being besieged and the squirrel suggests storing nuts. We both had a mental picture of the squirrels who live in our roof coming to consult with us about what place in our house should be reserved for the squirrel’s winter food supply.

Our priest mentioned “the kingdom by the lake” as a paradigm for how we should think of our little mountain town and the communion of saints. Because of that and Kevin’s squirrel thoughts, I started thinking of a story like Napoleon of Notting Hill where the squirrels become our allies in some war against the intruders of some so far unspecified sort.

Off to make the waffles — Paddy is getting frantic in his hunger.

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