Sunday, February 22, 2009

evening notes

Kevin and the teenagers are watching Prince Caspian. I have been in the same room with them, on my laptop, but only glancing up once in a while, so I have no idea how good or how true to the story it is. All the parts I glance up at I recognize from many, many, many readings of the book. I can say one thing — visually it’s beautiful. Isn’t that enough?

Aidan fell asleep, true to his habit of dozing off early so he can be up before 7 am. Earlier this evening he came downstairs with a strained face and said, “I need a cup. I’m going to throw up.” I took him seriously and rightly so. He threw up and then said, “That’s all. I feel fine now,” and went back upstairs. He seemed OK the rest of the evening. All the day before he was eating like crazy and acting almost giddy. Maybe that was the problem.

Brendan and I talked about history and politics. He has been perusing the Wall Street Journal every day and now knows way more about current affairs than I do. Kevin has been getting a free WSJ sub for about six months now — or did he originally get a free 6 months and then pay 6 months? I can’t remember, but anyway, it’s coming to us free right now. I’m not sure why.

Brendan also unclogged the street drain below our house which was blocked by a big snow berm the plow left. This was a community effort he wasn’t asked to do and we hadn’t even noticed it was clogged, so I was happy he took it on his own initiative. Usually our neighbor who lives closer to the drain has to clear it so the street doesn’t get flooded.

Paddy is watching The Adventures of Tintin (cartoon TV version) while I type on here. He just told me he’s hungry. And he wants me to read The Dragons of Blueland to him. So I had better wrap this up.

Looks like Neptune just showed up in PC. Did that really happen in the book? Maybe it is a river god. But it looks like a significant one. If that’s a river deity I would not want to have Poseidon himself angry at me.

I just read about Poseidon and his wife giving the British Isles to their favorite son, Albion, in Our Island Story. I read it to Paddy. Who seems SO ready for this kind of reading, I feel very apologetic about keeping him so long in picture books. Still, picture books are works of art in their own right. I took a class on Children’s Literature in middle school (an alternative charter) and it was a wonderful class.

I know I haven’t written on here for a long time. I was trying to stick closer to my main blog over at Sierra Highlands. I find it really hard to simply journal over there, though, for some reason, while my little homeschool blog over here seems to invite casual typing. So I decided to go ahead and open this up again and see how it goes. Maybe I am just the kind of person who needs 3 blogs.

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