Monday, February 23, 2009

Time's Passed

Clare’s been photoing the days so I’ll put the links:

Tonight I made Sean’s three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and wrapped them and put them in the fridge, because today is the last day of this 10 day break and tomorrow he’ll be out the door to meet the bus again. So those photos feel a bit archaeological to me already, remnants of the past week.

The teens and Kevin are still on their Charlie Chan run.

Paddy and Aidan did some almost-real playing today. They set up the hot wheels on their tracks and had races, and they played a hide and seek game. This kind of interaction does not regularly happen. Paddy seems to be trying harder to be tactful in his talk with Aidan.

Still thinking upon habits. It’s like starting to clean the house beyond straightening. Suddenly you discover all these corners to which no attention has been paid for MONTHS. … plus things that don’t work or need repair. It’s a lot like that.

I talked to Liam on the phone. He is finally in the last stages of his thesis, which is due in mid-March. Then he has his oral defense. He sounded a bit weary. He describes how he writes his paper:

He loads up the paper on Open Office. He looks at it for a bit. Then he lunges around his room feinting and parrying with his sword for a while. Then he looks at it a bit more. This goes on for a while. Then sometimes he sits down and plays his classical guitar for a bit. He’s also been composing songs and just finished a story with some geometrical puzzle in it. He’s going to bring it home to read it at Easter break. He says he has more ideas for new things when he has a lot to do.

In between he does get things done on his thesis. But I think he’ll be glad when that’s over.