Tuesday, March 03, 2009

blankets of silence

Lent seems to silence me — wonder why that would be? I haven’t been blogging much at all.

Snowy today — the sky is like a downy blanket. At 6:30 I was out pushing great drifts of snow from the Durango’s top and sides. Fortunately the plow got to our driveway so that I could drive out and get Sean to the bus stop. There was no place to park the car so I drove around a bit until it was time to drop him off. He doesn’t think there will be track today.

Aidan got up when I did, ate some penne from last night’s dinner, went in the car with us and then crawled back into bed and is fast asleep again. With both the little guys asleep, the house has a deep hush. I suppose eventually it will be like that all the time, but right now it’s rare.

I spent an hour yesterday cleaning downstairs since the real estate guy is coming by this morning. It sure looks nice when it’s cleaned.

Homeschool has been going well — using Ambleside pretty much as straight as I can.

Now both the little ones are awake.