Monday, March 02, 2009


It’s pouring outside and has been all through the night. So glad it isn’t more snow. I can manage rain just fine. I ran out last night at about 11 pm and covered the firewood still in the driveway. That’s when I knew that I’d better keep up my exercising. (I’ve been riding on the stationary bike for 30 minutes a day). Formerly I wouldn’t have been able to make myself run outside and scramble around a soaked pile of logs with tarps.

Sean was rather sad yesterday about returning to school today and his sorrow affected my mood. He asked about independent study. So hard to know how to approach this type of difficulty.

I just finished reading Re-Enchantment, a book about a family who moves to California and ends up homeschooling their two children. The book is tinged with fantasy — for example, the school is a bit like 21st century Roald Dahl with a California overlay. It wasn’t what I’d call a GOOD book, in the literary sense, but it was a likeable book, andthought-provoking. I read it while exercising every day, which helped me moderate my tendency to sink into a book and read it all in a day while ignoring everything else. Now I think I will read another Charles Williams book next.