Saturday, January 19, 2008

Learning Goals 2008

Last year, when I posted my Learning Goals for 2007 UK Bookworm commented:

I think that could also fall into an annual rotation, where your monthly focus finds its way into your family's education and then runs its course and falls out again, ready to pick up anew then next time round.

I loved that way of thinking of it and I think it might help me with my tendency to let things fall right off the mental map if I don't plan consciously to revisit them.

Here are the things I got to last year:

Here are the things I never formally got to:
  • Composer Study
  • Art Study
  • Scripture Reading
  • Foreign Languages
  • Recitation (Memory)
  • Habits
  • Perfection
When I say "formally" it means that I never picked it up as a monthly focus, not that I never actually did whatever it was with my children.

Here are some things I'd like to add:

  • Householding Skills
  • Health
  • Lectio Cursiva/Stataria
  • Logic
  • Civics
  • Progym

So, now I am trying to look at this and figure out how to include what I didn't include last year, and also run again through the ones I did get to.

I am thinking that what I will do is revisit the old monthly ones and also include a new one every month or so. So for January, I already have notebooking and will now add Lectio (if that word doesn't mean anything right now, please wait)

I also want to try focusing on one habit per month.
I'll start with Attention since it's a bit of a prerequisite. (more on that later, too)
I have a list of virtues somewhere that are from the days when I studied the book Character Formation with my Catholic classical list. I can use that to fill out the short list I have above.

Let's see how it goes.

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